What Are The 5 C’s Of Credit?

5 C's of Credit

Whether you're seeking financing for your business now or are thinking about it for the future, getting to know the "5 C's of Credit" is a good place to start. The 5 C's of Credit refer to: Capacity Collateral Capital Conditions Character So, what do ... Read More

Temp Agency Factoring: Is it Right For my Firm?

Temp Agency Funding

What are the advantages of temp agency factoring? Let's start off by acknowledging what struggles a staffing company faces.  Do any of these sound familiar to you? Developing relationships with clients in order to sell their services Recruiting employees to fill ... Read More

How To Build Credit For Your Business

Build your business credit

So, you've decided to build credit for your business. Many of the concepts of building and repairing personal credit apply, but there are unique and important things to consider as you build credit for your business. Whether you're a start up looking to start off on the ... Read More